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Mobile Home Mini Renovation in Aldergrove


This Mobile Home Renovation project in Aldergrove was nice because working close to our office is a bonus. The mobile home was pretty run down. It looked to be a 1970's style mobile home. This home and everything inside was very dated and run down, with water damage and worn-out paint and flooring. This unit was left unattended for many many years and had fallen into a state of disrepair. The owner wanted to invest some money into this unit and turn it into a rental income. A great idea, but it did need much tender loving care. This project took us one week from start to finish to complete.

We first removed all flooring, carpet, underlay, nail strips, and transfer pieces. All these items were then taken to the dump and disposed of.

Then the entire interior was hand-washed, completely and flooring prepared for new floors. All painted surfaces were repaired and prepared for repainting. All areas that had water staining were then first sealed with a proper stain sealer, including textured ceilings.

Several areas of the textured ceiling needed spot texturing. After spot texturing, those affected areas need a full coat of sealer. The textured ceiling then received two full coats of interior flat latex paint. All the trim work was hand-sanded, and edges caulked to fill in gaps between the wall, ceiling, and trim board. We replace the odd damaged and missing trim. From there, all the walls and trim received two full coats of paint. Every cabinet was hand washed inside and out. All cabinet doors and hardware was removed and stored. All cabinet drawer faces, cabinet doors, all sides, and all cabinet faces were then cleaned and prepared for painting. They all received one full coat of primer and three coats of green paint. After the paint had dried for a few days, everything was then re-assembled, including kitchen cabinets upper and lower, bathroom vanity cabinets, and laundry room upper cabinets.

From here, we installed new flooring to the home, wood laminate flooring to all living areas except for the washrooms. Washrooms had a high quality floating vinyl flooring installed. After this, we put on the transition strip to the washroom entrances. The next step was supplying and installing baseboards throughout the home. After installation, we caulked, filled primed, and painted the baseboards, two full coats. The outcome was a clean, fresh-looking interior that would have no problems renting out for the appropriate amount of income. If you are reading this, you may have a rental income that has been sitting idle or does not rent out quickly. If this is the case, give us a call, text, or email. Let us have a look and give you some guidance and an estimate to start you on the road to a real source of income on a property that needs some attention. There are several options based on your budget. We can always work with you on getting the best value for the money you spend on any sized renovation.
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