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Offsite Stockroom Shelving Install

Offsite Stockroom Shelving Install

This particular post and photos show an offsite shelving install to a retail space stock room located somewhere at the Tsawwassen Mills Shopping Mall.

Here we had a clean slate, just drywall, and chain-link floor to ceiling with a concrete slab floor. After delivery of all the shelving, we went hard to work erecting the metal shelving units and wooden shelves. This project was a one-person job and took about half a day to complete. Each group of shelving units attached with special clamps to the concrete flooring and individual wall anchors. One type of anchor for the chain link and another for the drywall. The reason for this is two-fold. Firstly you never know who will work as in the stockroom. At some point, some employees will attempt to climb the shelving units directly.

While not recommended, it could be due to all the anchor points. The second more important reason for all the anchor points is earthquake safety, sure the product can fall off the shelving, but the shelving units themselves will not tip over. This client will have safe, secure shelving for years to come with no issues or safety concerns. Each shelf has a rating of 150 pounds of product. Shelving units are a great way to increase the amount of product any retail space can utilize. With installation and materials, this is a cheap way to increase retail savings by being able to store products closer to the retail store location. This particular shelving is a 3/4" particleboard, there are several choices from other types of wood, thicknesses, and even metal shelving, this is one of the cheaper options. With the alternative shelving units, you can put heavier products on each shelf. Each bay can hold a max of 3,250 pounds. The shelving framing used was a 14 gauges steel all boltless design with a powder coat finish. It is put together with the shelving supports that have little pins that slide into the vertical side rails. This particular shelving is called a snap-in design. It is very durable, can be a bit tricky to start each new section until you have the top and bottom shelf brackets installed. It takes a little bit of time to get used to how to properly go about building these units. One thing for sure is to wear safety equipment, especially gloves, as if something slips you can chop off a finger pretty quickly. Another useful tool to use with this installation is a hard, dense rubber mallet to make sure all the parts completely snapped together. After the install, you must check all bolt less snap-in connections to make sure nothing has loosed up during construction. After this, your good to put the wooden or metal shelving onto the units. Snap together; boltless shelving is only one type of shelving style, there are many other choices. This type of shelving system is suitable for general retail stores and is probably one of the most common. For the time it takes to install, I would say this is one of the more economical choices styles to use.
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