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Retail Display & Fixture Installations


Another type of project we tend to do for retail outlets is display setup and install and fixture installations.

The retail client usually ships the product that needs installing to the job site location. We typically assist in the unloading, and primary placement of the large creates.

Once completed, we set up a work space and clear out the affected area to be able to install the new display or fixtures. Once done, we uncrate and unpackage the units. Usually, there is an excessive amount of crating and packaging for shipping purposes. They always make sure there is no way these costly displays or fixtures get damaged during transport. After unpackaging, we have to go through a list to make sure all parts are there. Then we have to check every piece for damage if found we have to let our client know before any work starts. Once done, we load up all the packaging into our truck or trailer to be able to use every ounce of work space on the sales floor. Also, this work is usually always done during the store's usual closing hours, so our crews are mostly working overnight hours.

Then we start constructing the units close to the final location. This way, we do not have to move the item too far after completion, as some of these units are very heavy. They sometimes, if we are lucky, supply us with building specifications. Still, they are usually pretty vague on the description of how to assemble the display fixtures. We have never come across a unit that we could not construct. We have, however, come across missing parts. Still, we can customize most of the missing parts ourselves, along with supplying any miscellaneous fasteners. We always have a fair amount of stock in our work trucks at all times. This is just the nature of our business.

After building the units, we test all connections and connectors to make sure everything is secure. Then wipe down the unit or units and place it into the final resting position. Some of the completed units require us to anchor them either to the wall or the floor. When we do this, we always use the most substantial duty best anchor available. We want to make sure upon completion; there is no chance the unit will tip over. This step makes sure staff or consumers are safe. You never know what people will do in the future and how long these displays will stay active.

Then we take our client for a walkthrough to make sure they are familiar with the unit and confirm the placement is correct. After all this, we take completion photos to verify with the stores head office that we did the work as per supplied specifications.

Below are a bunch of photos showing misc. Job sites that we have done display fixture installations in no particular order. Some are during and after shots. 

We hope you enjoy this write-up and photos. If you have a similar project, do not hesitate to reach out to us.
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