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Soundproofing for Dance Studio


This was a job we completed for the Fraser Valley Academy of Dance, located in Mission British Columbia.

The problem the owner faced was an excessive amount of noise pollution. Ear-piercing sound traveled from the dance area to the front entrance and office. These front areas should otherwise be relatively quiet and not polluted with loud music from another room.

So, the job at hand was to apply soundproofing measures by building new walls within the dance area. These new walls essentially created two spaces that the owner wanted, including a small office and an entry hallway leading from the studio entrance and into the dance area itself.

The primary goal was soundproofing, so, the new wall we built was from floor to ceiling.

The visible ceiling was a standard floating T-Bar ceiling grid with ceiling tiles. First up was clearing a path along the ceiling grid, allowing the new framed wall to go above the floating ceiling and connect with the room's ceiling.

Before drywall installation, the framed wall needed inspection to ensure there were no gaps for sound to potentially leak through. As some of the existing surrounding walls and ceiling beams were off square and crooked, some differences required the use of expanding foam. In contrast, others filled with acoustic seal caulking. Everything sealed up nicely, then came the fun job, drywalling.

Acoustic Seal Caulking was applied to the framing to eliminate any airflow and sound pollution to leak between the framing and the drywall. A standard application of the acoustic seal caulking applied to all single studs. In contrast, double-jointed studs were given an equitable application, including a thick bead right in the joint.

One side of all studs received a full bead of soundproof caulking then drywalled using half-inch QuietRock - Soundproof Drywall. Then the walls were generously insulated with Safe & Sound Fire & Soundproofing Insulation. The opposite side was also caulked with acoustic seal caulking and then finished off with half-inch QuietRock soundproof drywall.

For those curious, soundproof drywall is the equivalent of having 8-10 sheets of regular drywall compressed into a single layer and is not something you can pick up at your local hardware stores such as Home Depot, Rona, or Lowes. This compression of having 8-10 sheets in one significantly reduces sound from one room to the other.

Once the drywall was all put up and patched, the wall was finished with matching trim, as seen on the original existing walls within the dance area. The drywall was sealed, primed, and given two full coats of interior latex paint.

The floating ceiling was adjusted, and ceiling tiles resized to work with the newly installed wall. The ceiling was re-insulated and resized ceiling tiles installed.

Closer to completion, we removed all of our material and equipment. A thorough cleaning was performed of the dance studio, leaving the job completed and having exceeded the owner's expectations.

We want to thank Carolyn of Fraser Valley Academy of Dance for allowing us to offer our services to her.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.

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