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Vehicle Impact - Exterior Restoration Project


Before & After photo of a Vehicle Impact

The actual location is Hastings and W. Cordova Street, Gastown area of downtown Vancouver. This heritage building has had this bay type window area damaged many times over the years. Chances are it will be hit again since we fixed this. We had to build scaffolding to access this area. Work included carpentry, sheet metal work, caulking, and painting.

Here are some before and after shots of a Vehicle Impact job we completed. The location of this heritage building is between Cordova and Hastings Street but located actually on Cambie Street. This part of the building has received damage several times. This time they wanted it fixed properly to match the existing style, so they call on us the experts. This bay window outcrops the building and is pretty low. The front lift of a garbage truck hit this part of the building many times.

This damage will keep re-occurring. The only way to stop this damage would be to put bollards in the laneway, but the laneway is not wide enough for this solution. Due to this fact, this will probably happen again in the future as this bay window outcropping is way too low by today's standards.

Our job was to repair the exterior of this affected bay window and make it watertight and to stop any further damage. All this work was custom done for our client.

First off, we had to close down the laneway and block the entrances. Then we erected scaffolding and tied it off to the building, and installed barriers to the public would be safe while work progressed. The affected working area was then covered up, and we set up a spotter at the base of our scaffolding as this was a bustling area of Gastown.

Then we proceeded to remove all the damaged sheet metal and wooden trim, including the cladding. After this, we removed all the broken framing and replaced it with new lumber. Note the lumber used all had to be custom cut to fit as dimensional lumber at the time was of a different dimension.

All exposed framing was then insulated; this is new as back in the day; they never insulated anything. Then we installed and exterior grade moisture barrier and proceeded to close up the framing as it was before.

From here on in all, the work was pretty much customized just for this job. We used thin exterior grade plywood for all the larger flat areas. The facia was all custom milled 2x6 cut to specs.

All the wooden trim was custom milled by us in our portable workshop. After this stage, all the new lumber had a coat of primer, and all gaps caulked with an exterior grade caulking.

After all the woodwork was completed, we custom bent large pieces of sheet metal to conform and cover all the wood details. Every single portion of custom wood trim and plywood got covered with matching detailed sheet metal. Then we primed all the sheet metal with proper metal primer, allowed that to fully dry. All rolled over seams in the sheet metal were then caulked with and exterior grade caulking. After the caulking had cured, two coats of the black exterior paint finish were applied. The black was custom color-matched to the original.

Then we did a final inspection and cleaned up.
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