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Washer & Dryer Replacement


 Retail and commercial clients will reach out to us to replace their older washer and dryer units. Sometimes for Medical Testing Facilities, other times for hairstylists. Usually, the old units are old and very well used. They may have been repaired many times but end up not working very efficiently and not cleaning the items properly. With our services, we can pick up and dispose of the old units. For installation of the new units, sometimes the client order and has them delivered, sometimes they order the units and pickup and install. Other times we purchase and install the units.

If your budget allows for it, now would be a great time to clean out all your dryer vent pipes.

As a rule of thumb when replacing a washer and dryer, these items are a must:

  1. Always Replace the water supply lines. Preferably with heavy-duty braided lines.
  2. Always zip tie the waste pipe to the drain or something nearby.
  3. Always replace the dryer vent pipe with a solid metal pipe
    1. Then use self-taping sheet metal screws at all the joints, shortest ones possible.
    2. Then wrap all the joints with a metal duct tape.

For heavily used washers and dryers, 8 to 10 years is a good rule of thumb to think about replacement. For light-duty use, you can go 10 to 14 years before thinking about replacing the units.

At this point, the cost savings on your water, hot water, electricity, and gas if you have a gas dryer will outweigh repairing an older unit.

The new unit will clean better than the old due to more modern technology. Then there is the drying. A good working washing machine will spin out more moisture making the dryer work less and in a shorter time. I have seen old washing machines that just took out enough water from items, so they do not drip when putting them into the dryer. Putting extra load and stress on the dryer and can wear out parts quicker due to the heaviness and the length of time it takes to dry items.

A good washer will spin dry items to almost dry. Then once in the dryer, the last remaining moisture is heated and blown away, which speeds up drying as this is where most of the cost goes for laundry services.

Dispose of old units at a recycle depot. They will dismantle the old washer and dryer and either resell the old parts, use them or scrape them for metal. All in all, a washer and dryer replacement is a green choice for the planet if the unis are over eight years old. Especially in a retail or commercial environment as they get extra heavy-duty use. For homeowners, 10 to 12 years is a typical lifespan of these units.

As for features, you pay much more for these features, most retail and commercial clients only need a lower to medium grade washer and dryer combo. Most of the time, you pay a lot extra for the extra features, but most people never even use those features. Cleaning and efficiency-wise, mid-grade is your best bet.

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