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This is L&W Restoration Services Ltd. Handyman Blog. We will feature site updates, Do it Yourself ideas, recent jobs we have completed and other newsworthy posts.

Displays and Fixtures

Here is a collage of displays we have built and installed into retail stores. This work is usually done while the store is closed with one or two techs, working throughout the night. These items usually get shipped to our warehouse. Our crew then goes through the delivery to make sure all the parts are there and they are all in good shape, also make sure what is being installed is what was delivered. After inspection, we set up the job with the individual store and set up a time and date to do the work. We then re-package and deliver to the site and our crew then builds and tests the display for safety and usage. Over the years we have done thousands and thousands of similar displays and fixtures for all types of retail and commercial clients here in the lower mainland and lower Fraser Valley.

display fixtures install handyman

2019-02-02 22:48:37

Small Basic Store Renovation

This was the old Lids store on Robson Street. We closed this store approx. 2 years ago. As per the instructions we had to get the store back into the same shape it was before Lids moved in many many years ago. There were several bulkheads that had to be dismantled and some areas of the mani ceiling had to be reframed. The hardest part of this job was removing several layers of plywood and then the last layer of the slate board, as everything was PL Glued solid on each layer. Thankfully we had a dedicated and strong crew on this particular job site. They also had a huge issue with the toilet drain on this location, but that was a building issue unrelated to the usage of the store staff. To this day this unit and the unit beside it still have not opened up due to the downturn in retailers in the area and the increased cost of leasing in that area.


store renovation small vancouver handyman

2019-02-02 22:33:14

Service Truck Update

So recently one of our trucks was broken into, shortly after going into service. Nothing was stolen thanx to the security bars behind the tinted windows. We have since added a cutting edge alarm system to this truck, fully detailed the interior and exterior and put new rims and tires on. Looking pretty darn sharp for a service vehicle. When you hire us you hire a clean, well organized and reputable Handyman/Restoration Contractor. Only the best of the best for all of our customers. Your service vehicle can represent the style of your company, dirty scratch up vehicles are no way to represent your clientele. Keep things clean and respectable looking and everyone will be happy.

handyman van work truck tools update

2019-02-02 19:01:20

VCT Tile Replacement

VCT has turned out to be an extremely common flooring choice due to its durability and simplicity of maintenance. VCT is an affordable method of handling high traffic locations. VCT is still a rather popular flooring material as it holds up well in busy high-traffic places, has a very long lifespan and is not as costly than high-end flooring alternatives. Contrary to other modern flooring material, VCT does need to be polished to keep a shine. It is not unusual for VCT to require stripping and waxing twice per year if not more in an ordinary traffic atmosphere. VCT requires higher maintenance as a way to keep the fine shine on the ground. VCT does not arrive in as many style options and doesn't typically have the identical aesthetic appeal as vinyl flooring meant for residential consumers.

Every time one form of flooring meets a different sort of flooring, a transition strip is required. Rubber flooring is a durable and very low maintenance option for most business buildings. When it has to do with recommending flooring for industrial installations, Barnes claims the very best value is in low-maintenance hard floors. If it comes to flooring, there's no other flooring business in our service area that may supply the superior degree of services provided by Complete Flooring Service. Vinyl flooring may also buckle if it's made from vinyl planks or tile and the flooring was not installed correctly at the seams. Vinyl sheet flooring comes in massive rolls, minimizing the range of seams and making it perfect for healthcare facilities where fall prevention is an essential concern.

Be certain to work gently, since you don't wish to damage the tile. PEI 3 tiles aren't a good alternative for commercial use. Assuming you get a loose tile in a comparatively old floor, here's how to repair it. In the probable event a ceramic tile becomes compromised, action has to be taken immediately. Both ceramic tile and wood are simple to sweep and clean for ordinary purposes.

VCT Tile Replacement

2019-01-28 19:46:03

Complete House Pressure Washing Services Including Gutter Cleaning.

If you choose to pressure wash your complete home, expect it to take several hours.

Our special chemical cleaning solutions will disinfect your house for a long time to come. Often when you believe you will need to repaint your house, it only requires a thorough washing. If you're not painting and just need a freshening up of your house, we'll see to it that the siding and trim are dirt and mildew free. If your house is washed regularly, the mildew can't spread to the inside of your house and start new growth inside. Washing your residence is recommended every 1-2 years to wash your home and guard your paint and siding against the damaging effects of mold and mildew.

Pressure washing is the best solution! Amateur pressure washing may also be dangerous. Scheduling expert pressure washing on a normal basis will also raise the lifespan of your hard surfaces.

gutter cleaning pressure washing house servic

2019-01-28 17:23:42

Dedicated Team Member for Social Media, Blog Posts and Newsletter Updates

We have added a new team member to assist with our Blog posting, Social Media Content, and Newsletter updates. Things are rolling along very well and we keep expanding as the year goes by. This has taken the load off our other employees in the office, that, are better equipped and experienced to handle other, day to day office tasks. Things keep looking up for us and our client's. Give us a try if you have not already, you will be amazed at our level of service.

Dedicated Team Member for Social Media  Blog Posts and Newsletter Updates

2019-01-03 20:50:27

Email Upgrade

If you're at all in contact with us you will have noticed late in 2018 we had upgraded our entire email process. It shows in every email we send and respond to. Our new system is faster and more reliable with our main office and mobile office. We track all email we send. We have cleaned up our signatures and have added bitmojies to faster communicate with all of our client's and potential clients. Our systems are much more reliable than they were in the past. The reason for the changes was the vast increase in emails we started handing mid year last year. Lots of back and forth emails, switching commercial and retail client contacts sometimes one job the main contact would change up to 12 times, making keeping track of what is what was impossible. Well we fixed that issue and have a bulletproof system as we expand in 2019


Email Upgrade

2019-01-03 20:30:53

Electronic Time Sheets

Whew! Told you there would be more and more! In November of 2018, we implemented the best of the best electronic time sheets on the market. It geo-locates all employees when they log in and out of every single job. This way we know where they are and how much time they have spent on a job site. This gives us the ability to update our clients and bill for services just a little bit quicker than we already do. This is not the only feature of this new electronic web-based timesheet system, It gives our crews the ability to take before and after photos and attache to the individual jobs they are working on and make all type of notes, attach receipts for materials, plus so much more. This has really taken us into the future right now. More ways we are improving to give our customers the best of the best. We work hard to earn your trust and business. Always striving to be better than the competition in every way possible.


Still, more to come so stay posted...

Electronic Time Sheets

2019-01-03 20:18:49

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Introduced in late December of 2018 we added Live Vehicle GPS systems to our fleet of vehicles. This has improved overall performance in all aspects of our business, being able to track, who is where. We can pick and choose the closest service vehicle to your location for emergency work or book an estimate. We know at all times were every single one of our vehicles and crews are located 24/7

GPS Vehicle Tracking

2019-01-03 20:13:54

Book your Handyman Service Online

In late November we added the ability to book a Handyman on our website. This is now 100% live. No need to call or text, just book a time and date and presto, our handyman will show up to take care of your project. No fuss, no muss. Give it a try today. Same great service, same great price. Always here to help and improve.

Book your Handyman Service Online

2019-01-03 20:08:56
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