Whew! Told you there would be more and more! In November of 2018, we implemented the best of the best electronic time sheets on the market. It geo-locates all employees when they log in and out of every single job. This way we know where they are and how much time they have spent on a job site. This gives us the ability to update our clients and bill for services just a little bit quicker than we already do. This is not the only feature of this new electronic web-based timesheet system, It gives our crews the ability to take before and after photos and attache to the individual jobs they are working on and make all type of notes, attach receipts for materials, plus so much more. This has really taken us into the future right now. More ways we are improving to give our customers the best of the best. We work hard to earn your trust and business. Always striving to be better than the competition in every way possible.


Still, more to come so stay posted...




2019-01-03 20:18:49