It's that time of year, homeowners are looking to clean up and pressure wash their property. Some do it just to clean things up and others might be going a step further with painting or staining, depending on the application.

We've been around a long time and have become known as a highly reputable company that offers Pressure Washing Services. Anyone can pressure wash as long as a pressure washer is available but it does take a sharp eye and a lot of care to do a really good and clean job, obviously depending on what's being pressure washed of course.

Pressure washing jobs come to us at all times throughout the year, but it's usually between March and May when a lot of our prep-for-painting pressure washing jobs come in as property owners take advantage of the wonderful weather. Over the last few years though, it's become harder for people to get pressure washing done during the summer season due to the water restrictions across British Columbia, restrictions are generally the same across the board with minor variations between Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and surrounding municipalities.

One of our latest Pressure Washing jobs was in Chilliwack, a homeowner wanted to get their balcony and steps pressure washed in preparation for re-staining. Something important to keep in mind when doing a job like this is that you want to remove as much of the previous material as possible, whether it's paint or stain. The common case is that the previous material becomes flakey, in which case you want to get it to the point where nothing lifts off of the wood.

Below are some of the many problems a lot of homeowners are faced with, whether they're more a DIY person, or perhaps having hired someone who is unfamiliar with the finer details of pressure washing.

Who loves stripes? There's nothing like seeing strips of dirty sections of surface that were not cleaned properly.

Banding is the visual result when lines, whether thick or thin are seen and appear as multiple misses, which is exactly what they are. This is a common occurrence when someone is unable to find and maintain the perfect distance between the pressure washing tip and the surface that's being cleaned. It's also a result of either rushing and/or poor swiping technique to ensure that nothing is missed.

The Beaver Effect:
Let's take a few chunks out of that beautiful deck... how about no.

Most homeowners and some companies that offer pressure washing, will either have a low pressure electric or a reasonable gas pressure washer. For those who have a bit more kick with higher PSI, there is a risk of damage as the water pressure can literally take chunks out of the wood.

The biggest no-no when pressure washing a wood surface is holding the tip too close to the wooden surface before pulling the trigger. Being too close to the wood surface and then pulling the trigger will dig into the wood with a lot of force, either ripping the grain or worse, take chunks out.

The Garden Massacre:
Drown those flowers with a little touch of mud and then stomp all over them... is what some people actually do, but definitely not us.

A garden is something that should be taken care of, those who have a garden can appreciate this. The last thing they want is to have someone flood their garden, have mud thrown all over those beautiful flowers and have them stomped on.

Gardens are usually affected when the person pressure washing isn't taking the necessary care needed. House siding and walkways are common areas where surrounding gardens become affected. Siding because the lower you get to the ground, most cases it's dirt, the more pressurized water bounces off the ground, digging into the mud and covering all surrounding plants. Walkways are especially troublesome for people since you're aiming downwards on the path, which in most cases go from walkway to dirt. So, unless you have a steady hand and a careful eye, you might end up pressure washing the dirt more than the walkway, it really does happen and is more common than you think.

Another factor is pressure. "With great power comes great responsibility", yes I had to throw the famous Ben Parker quote in there from Spider-Man. It's true though, maximum pressure and dirt simply do not mix, especially when gardens are involved. Lowering and finding the right pressure should be done to ensure paths can be properly cleaned without affecting the surrounding plant life too much. Dirt is bound to shoot out and cover plants, there's no way around this, but upon completion, who's to say the garden doesn't deserve a nice light shower afterwards.

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