This was the old Lids store on Robson Street. We closed this store approx. 2 years ago. As per the instructions we had to get the store back into the same shape it was before Lids moved in many many years ago. There were several bulkheads that had to be dismantled and some areas of the mani ceiling had to be reframed. The hardest part of this job was removing several layers of plywood and then the last layer of the slate board, as everything was PL Glued solid on each layer. Thankfully we had a dedicated and strong crew on this particular job site. They also had a huge issue with the toilet drain on this location, but that was a building issue unrelated to the usage of the store staff. To this day this unit and the unit beside it still have not opened up due to the downturn in retailers in the area and the increased cost of leasing in that area.


2019-02-02 22:33:14