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warehouse-handyman-installing-shelving Complete Warehouse Handyman & Maintenance Service

Warehouse Shelving

From new installations to replacing damaged uprights and cross pieces, we make sure all units are stable, secure and properly anchored.
warehouse-handyman-exterior-lighting Complete Warehouse Handyman & Maintenance Service

Warehouse Lighting

Taking care of interior and exterior lighting. From new fixtures, fixture replacement to changing out bulbs or even balasts. We keep your warehouse lighting on.
warehouse-handyman-floor-crack-repairs Complete Warehouse Handyman & Maintenance Service

Floor Cracks

With proper floor preparation and different floor patching options, we fill the cracks, saving your forklift tires and saving money on countless forklift repairs

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Pressure Washing Services

Cleaning Retail & Commercial Properties and Warehouses Too!

04-commercial-pressure-washing Complete Warehouse Handyman & Maintenance Service
05-commercial-pressure-washing Complete Warehouse Handyman & Maintenance Service
06-commercial-pressure-washing Complete Warehouse Handyman & Maintenance Service

Water Restriction Notice

Know when Pressure Washing IS and IS NOT allowed

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Over the years, my home became a sight for sore eyes. My house was filthy, couldn't remember the last time I enjoyed a BBQ in the backyard, eventually I just couldn't be bothered. I finally gave in and hired Walter and his son to pressure wash my home. They did an amazing job, cleaned a few extras for free and made sure everything was spotless upon completion. I've fallen in love with my home all over again. Thanks you guys!

Langley, BC, Canada
I've had past properties pressure washed by other companies, always with the same result. Upsides in most cases were clean and bright surfaces but the common downside always seemed to be left over debris and in many cases, a destroyed garden. Walter and his Son showed me that pressure washing can be a positive experience with an amazing job, zero mess and best of all, they lightly rinsed my entire garden, removing dirt from over spray.

Surrey, BC, Canada
As a real estate agent, I make sure the homes I sell are cleaned up and ready to sell. I've had my share of experiences with past companies, some good and not so good, but nowhere near the positive experience I had with L&W Restoration Services Ltd. Walter and his son pressure washed a few properties, leaving each one clean and just like new. Gutters, siding, paths and all, all were done beyond my expectations.

Langley, BC, Canada